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Citrus cold Cloth

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Citrus cold Cloth
Citrus cold Cloth

Ai NongCitrus cold ClothAdvantage

1, Cold: Waterproof to protect against the cold, prevent frost

2, waterproof, breathable: To prevent high temperature in the membrane, resulting in solar fruit

3, promote coloring: bright color, sell a friend

4, reduce the shrinkage of citrus in the maturity of the cold cloth to enjoy the shades, nylon film such as steamed citrus cold cloth cage, which is the sugar orange winter cold cover cold cloth and cover nylon film effect difference of the true portrayal.

Ai NongCold clothBy the scientific configuration of special polymeric polymer materials, with the same effect as nylon film cold protection function, compared with more heat absorption and breathless nylon film, but also has breathable impervious, low heat absorption, low direct sunlight strength of the excellent characteristics. When the temperature is high on sunny days, it can effectively reduce the temperature, humidity and direct sunlight intensity in the membrane to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, and can reduce the phenomenon of fruit receding and white even wilting necrosis and branch tip scorch, and can effectively reduce the role of tree nutrient consumption and water transpiration, reduce the late growth of the shed due to high temperature metabolism, The loss of flower buds caused by large nutrient consumption in trees, the ratio of fruit dehydration to light, less than the degree of annual phenomenon, and finally achieve the goal of quality, stable production and income increase.

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