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Good news! Good news! 4.2 Meters Nonwovens production line in Guangdong GCL Company successfully put into operation!

November 2018, Guangdong Association Macro Nonwovens Technology Co., Ltd. from abroad to introduce a new generation of upgraded Nonwovens production line successfully put into operation, become AI Nong 4.2 meters Super width non-woven production line. This is very meaningful for the nonwovens industry.


Next-generation upgrade production line has four characteristics: The first feature is amazing super width, conventional non-woven production line can only produce 3.2 meters width of non-woven fabric, and our production line products net width up to 4.2 meters, the second feature is increased capacity, production speed up to 200m/min~250m/min, Can meet the market's huge output demand; The third feature is the production of non-woven single filament fiber fineness, about 1.8~2.6 Dan, the production of non-woven fabric feel good, its uniformity, fabric strength, fiber fineness and other indicators are at the avant-garde level; The fourth feature is that the production line adopts DCs control system, With online fault detection and self-tuning functions, easy to operate, high degree of automation, energy consumption and material consumption are very low.


Guangdong GCL Nonwovens Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in PP spinning non-woven fabric production manufacturers, the existing plant 80,000 square meters, more than 300 employees, 9 large non-woven automatic production line, as well as a number of experienced technical engineers, annual output of 20,000 tons of non-woven fabrics, products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, By the customer's approval, with many customers to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation.


Facing the severe international situation and fierce competition environment in the industry, the company strengthens technology, actively differentiated innovation, and constantly develops best-selling products with high added value to meet the market demand of different industries. Previously, the company's production of non-woven products are mainly supplied to the furniture industry, catering industry and medical beauty industry, while the new generation of production lines are specially born for agriculture.


"Ai Nong" is a agricultural brand established by Guangdong GCL Nonwovens Co., Ltd., the brand concept for "green environmental protection, to protect the Earth", the emergence of its super-large width non-woven fabric for China's agriculture has brought great changes.


Compared with the traditional plastic film, Ai nong non-woven fabric has several advantages. First of all, environmental protection, traditional plastic film are disposable, and will cause white pollution to the soil, damage the healthy growth of crops, and AI nong non-woven fabric can be recycled, and can be automatically degraded, will not adversely affect the environment. The second is the use of the effect, the traditional plastic film is not breathable, can not adjust the internal temperature, easy to cause burning fruit, dead branches condition, while AI nong non-woven fabric at the same time both cold, waterproof, breathable and light transmittance, for crop growth to provide the best conditions to ensure. The 3rd is the convenience, the traditional film is required to use the shed, and AI nong non-woven fabric can be directly covered, do not need to build a shed, so greatly improve the work efficiency, but also reduce labor costs and consumables costs, for farmers to generate income better benefits. In particular, AI nong non-woven fabric through the unique splicing technology, the widest up to 43 meters, better meet the actual needs of modern agriculture.


Smart agriculture, sharing the future! Ai Nong is willing to work with Chinese agricultural practitioners to explore, for the construction of China's agricultural power escort!