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Fruit Bagging

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Fruit Bagging
Fruit Bagging

Ai NongFruit Preservation Bagsignificant role

Control pests and diseases, reduce the number of drugs. Fruit tree production process, in order to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases, a number of times a year to apply medicine. The number of medications can be greatly reduced after bagging. In Beijing, Apple bagging cultivation can reduce the number of cornstalk begins 4-5 times throughout the year. According to the dosage of 400 kg per acre, each injection of 0.25 people/MU meter, each acre can reduce the potion 1600 kg per year, can save 1 jobs.

Reduce fruit surface pollution and improve fruit safety. After bagging can significantly reduce the amount of pesticide residues on the fruit, it was determined that 50% methyl parathion and 50% methamidophos were sprayed on the tree, and within 1-7 days after administration, the pesticide residues in the bagging apples decreased by 65%-87.76% and 45%-84.85% respectively compared with the non-bagging.

Increase fruit grade and price. Bagging fruit due to good appearance quality, less pesticide residues, by the market recognition and pursuit. According to the survey, according to different types of fruit, bagging can increase the price of 50%-300%. In addition, bagging results promote sales and exports due to reduced pollution.

Reduce mechanical damage and disaster weather hazards. Some fruit bagging in addition to improving fruit coloring, there is also a reduction in mechanical damage, especially in areas with high winds. In addition, some wintering fruit bags help prevent frost damage, such as banana bagging.

Problems existing in other fruit bagging

Fruit bag quality problems. Some producers in order to reduce costs, the use of inferior fruit bags, resulting in the use of midway damage, fruit surface pollution, fruit quality decline and so on.

The employment volume is large, the labor force is tight. With the urbanization process and the increase of farmers ' wages, fruit tree cultivation has become a bottleneck restricting the development of fruit tree industry. At present, the majority of fruit bagging is still manual operation, time-sensitive, large amount of labor, high cost. Therefore, how to improve bagging efficiency is one of the problems that need to be solved at present.

For some fruits have the effect of reducing the intrinsic quality. Bagging will reduce the sugar content of fruit, but different tree species performance is different. In addition, these effects can be reduced if technically appropriate. For Apple and other tree species, bagging can sometimes reduce the content of some mineral elements in the fruit, such as: calcium, boron and so on.

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