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Flower Wrapping Cloth

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Flower Wrapping Cloth
Flower Wrapping Cloth

Flowers can not only be used to watch, but also have been loved and used by people. Used in beautifying the environment, interpersonal communication and some are also the source of things. People like to send flowers to express their love for the festive birthday. Flowers have become a way to express love, and in special festivals can also bake an atmosphere. But beautiful flowers also need to be decorated, with the love of the farmer'sFlower Wrapping Clothis a way. So, have you ever knownFlower Wrapping ClothWhat about it?


1, paper packaging materials. There are many kinds of wrapping paper of this kind, there are printed paper ah, cloud silk paper, dyed paper, etc., wrapped up to look dignified.

2, yarn packaging materials. Yarn packaging gives a kind of hazy beauty, after the packaging of flowers if hidden, such packaging light, common is snowflake mesh and plastic mesh.

3, unique corrugated paper. Tile paper is also known as Kraft cardboard, paper skin, this kind of flower packaging materials cost is relatively low, recyclable, with good decorative effect.

4, rich texture of wrinkle paper. Rugged stripe wrinkles give people different visual effects, with strong tensile force, packaging up with a metallic texture.

5, plastic packaging is a common flower packaging materials on the market. This kind of packaging price is affordable, has a variety of printing, decorative effect is better, and has a moisture-proof effect.

6, hemp Packaging materials. This type of packaging material paper is soft in texture and can be changed according to the shape of the flowers, bringing more creativity and beauty to the flowers.

The above is the small series to share with you, I hope to help you. and want to know about the continuous attention of flower packaging materials we oh. If you happen to have the need welcome to contact us Oh.

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