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Ai Nong Anti-grass cloth, a good helper of agriculture!

Ai NongAnti-grass clothis a new type of agricultural composite material. Also known as "orchard cloth", or "cover grass cloth" or "weeding cloth", "horticultural cloth". It is a kind of plastic woven fabric with vertical and horizontal interweaving. It has good breathability, fast seepage, and can effectively prevent weeds from growing. These products are woven from polyethylene or polypropylene plastic flat filaments from warp and weft thin lines.

The appearance of polypropylene and polyethylene is not very different. By looking closely, you will find that polyethylene is softer and smoother. Touch the product with your hands and feel slippery, soft and tough. The elongation is good. The polyethylene surface is bright and soft. Polypropylene color is darker, the material itself is brittle and hard. Because the production cost of polyethylene anti-grass cloth is slightly higher than the production cost of polypropylene anti-grass cloth, because the input cost of polypropylene anti-grass cloth per acre is lower than the input cost of polyethylene anti-grass cloth, the performance gap is not big, so the market of polypropylene anti-grass cloth sales is larger.

The use of grass-resistant cloth in agricultural cultivation has the following advantages: first, it can effectively stop weeds on the ground and keep the ground clean. Second, it is beneficial to plant root growth and prevent root decay. Third, prevent excessive growth of potted roots and improve the quality of potted plants. IV, conducive to cultivation and management, anti-grassland cloth has a one-way sign line, flower pots or cultivated substrates in the greenhouse or outdoors, can be precisely arranged according to the marker line. Five, black turf cloth has the function of regulating plant growth cycle, and achieves the effect of controlling plant time-to-market. Quality Assurance Services: Outdoor use of orchard anti-grassland cloth and black ground cloth in temperate regions, to ensure a 3-year warranty.

 Anti-grass clothUse for 5 years under any covered material in the room. In most areas, in order to prevent weed growth and prevent plant roots from drilling out of the ground, blow-plastic polyethylene films (black or white plastic films) are generally used as crop floor coverings. Because polyethylene is transparent, sunlight can penetrate the polyethylene film to irradiate weeds under the polyethylene film, weeds can photosynthesize and prevent weeds from growing. In addition, polyethylene film sealing performance is good, poor breathability, no permeability, so that the plant root system water absorption capacity is insufficient, affecting plant growth, poor breathability, high geothermal temperature may also lead to plant root decay. Polyethylene PE film Life is short, anti-artificial destructive poor, half a year basic damage, belongs to a disposable product, put the material and labor cost is high.