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What about the raw materials of Ai-Nong pp nonwovens?

According to Ai NongPP Non-woven fabricManufacturers introduce non-woven fabric has a very good breathability, its planar structure of the new finished products, is the film non-woven breathability, moisturizing type, water absorption, good feel, good scalability, no fabric directivity, so in our life has a wide range of applications.

At present, the original raw material of most nonwovens is polypropylene, and the original raw material of plastic bag is polyethylene, two kinds of energy, of course, the name is similar, but the chemical structure is far apart. Polyethylene chemical layout has a very strong stubbornness, extremely difficult to degrade, it is necessary for plastic bags 300 years to decompose, and the chemical layout of polypropylene is not stoic, non-woven chain is very jumbled can break, and thus probably effectively degrade, and in the non-toxic shape into the next situation cycle, A non-woven shopping bag is probably completely decomposed within 90 days. and non-woven shopping bags can be repeatedly manipulated more than 10 times, after the abolition of the situation of the pollution degree as long as the plastic bag of 10%.

1, the transplanting of garden trees and implants. Large trees, small seedlings before the implant, you can first spread non-woven cloth in the tree pit and then put on the nutrient soil, with this method of false planting garden trees survival rate is high, and water retention and fertilizer.

2, Winter Greenhouse, open-land seedling (Specification 25-30 g/280 cm) floating cover. Can prevent wind blowing and increase temperature. On one side of the seedbed with soil will be non-woven fabric compaction, the other side with bricks and soil compaction, can also be made of bamboo pieces or coarse wire into a small arch shed, the non-woven fabric covered on the top, surrounded by bricks or soil compaction insulation. Covered vegetables, flowers, need to shine more sunlight, so that the morning unveiled, evening cover. Floating cover, can increase the temperature of 10 cm from the surface of about 2 ℃, improve the geothermal ground 1-2 ℃, after covering vegetables can be listed 5-7 days early, increase production of about 15%.

3, for the use of the canopy. In the greenhouse, the shed is a nonwoven cloth as a canopy, the canopy and plastic shed film spacing 15-20 cm, the formation of a insulation layer, can improve the temperature in the shed 3-5 ℃, open during the day, closed at night, the compartment must be closed and strict to be effective.

4, in the small Arch Shed cover (specification 80-100 g/280 cm), instead of grass curtains insulation, than grass curtains save cost 20%, service life is greatly extended; You can also cover a small arch shed with a layer of non-woven fabric, and then cover plastic film, can increase the temperature of 5-8 ℃.

5, for the use of shading light. With non-woven fabric directly covered in the seedbed, morning cover, evening, can effectively improve the seedling, the whole seedling. Vegetables, flowers seedlings, seedlings, summer can be directly covered on the seedlings.

6, in the cold wave before the onset of the vulnerability to frozen tea, flowers and other crops, directly usedPP Non-woven fabricCover, can effectively reduce the loss of frost damage.